Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dayton Daily News

At age 14, successful author pens new novel

By Charity Smalls
Staff Writer
Thursday, February 07, 2008

While most 12-year-olds were playing with their latest game system or hanging out at the mall, Nancy Yi Fan was writing a novel and learning sword play.
Fan, who brought the world the best-selling novel "Swordbird," is coming to Books & Co. at the Greene on Sunday. Now 14, she brings the story of Swordbird's origin in "Sword Quest."
The prequel "Sword Quest" explains the journey of Swordbird, the champion of justice and namesake of Fan's first book. In her new book, Swordbird is called Wind-voice and goes on a quest that takes him from slave to savior. "No one is born a hero," Fan said.
She said her character came from a dream she had about "cardinals, blue jays and a white bird."
Fan is now writing the third book in the series, a sequel to "Sword Quest.
"(The new manuscript is) about a family of eagles mentioned in 'Sword Quest'," she said.
When the straight-A student is not writing or doing homework, she likes to read, draw and practice martial arts with the sword she uses during presentations while on tour.
"Reading paved the way for my writing. Drawing is like writing. Both are ways to convey what you see," she said.
She first took up the sword to help make battle seems more realistic.
Thanks to the success of her first book, Fan said she has had incredible experiences. She received a letter from her hero, actor Jackie Chan, who wrote that she was "an inspiration to him." "I feel very grateful and fortunate," she said.
How to go
What: Book signing with children's author Nancy Yi Fan
Where: Books & Co. at the Greene, 4453 Walnut St., Beavercreek, OH
When: Feb. 10, 2008 at 2 p.m. Sunday
Information: Call (937) 429-2169


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