Sunday, October 21, 2007

Soaring Success

American Girl Vol. 15, No. 6

The idea came in a dream. As Nancy F. slept, she imagined cardinals and blue jays struggling against an evil hawk. She also envisioned a huge white bird with a magical sword that could defeat the hawk and save the forest. When she awoke, the fifth-grader knew that she had a story to tell.
Nancy wrote her dream into a book, SWORDBIRD, which was published earlier this year. The story is scary in some parts and funny in others, but above all, "SWORDBIRD is a novel about peace and freedom and what happens when they are lost," says Nancy, now 14.
To get her book published, Nancy sent drafts to lots of different book companies. Despite her age, Nancy was confident in her story and in herself. "If a person had told me that there was no way for a kid to write and publish a book, I would answer with, 'Nothing is impossible.'"